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A Transformational Difference

Choosing My Soul Care Shop is an investment beyond tangible products. You're embracing an experience that truly aligns with your spiritual journey, fostering transformation and making a lasting impact on you and the community.

  • Mindfully Selected

    Each item is lovingly put curated by Mélanie, who draws inspiration from her personal experiences. These are more than products; they're compasses to your true self.

  • Rooted in Community

    When you choose My Soul Care Shop, you're boosting local artisans, cheering for ethical sourcing, and applauding women-led businesses. Feel the joy of knowing your self-care adventure uplifts others.

  • Packed with Healing Vibes

    Our products are charged with Reiki healing energy. This sprinkle of love and care heightens your exploration and healing process.

The Healing Soul Kit

The Box Collection

Our carefully curated boxes act as your spiritual compass, filled with purposefully chosen items designed to guide your journey. Each box will inspire you to craft a spiritual practice that resonates with your unique spirit.

Madame Phoenix's Mindful Meditation Spell Candle

À La Carte Items

Embrace your personal journey and make your spiritual routine as unique as you are with our range of à la carte items. Each piece is designed to inspire a practice that reflects your individual spirit.

  • Hi, I'm Mélanie

    I believe everyone deserves the tools and guidance to undertake a significant, transformative spiritual journey.

    Following the loss of a loved one, I rediscovered the power of metaphysical practices and embarked on my personal odyssey. It was overwhelming to get started, but ultimately I found my way back to self-connection.

    Now I share insights and handpicked items from local, women-led businesses to assist others in reconnecting with their higher selves and charting their spiritual exploration.

    Meet Mélanie 
  • “I can never fully express my gratitude for these boxes. I look forward to my monthly package and make a whole ritual when I receive it, carefully unwrapping each item to get the full experience. Thank you for brightening my days with such sweet intentions.”

    — Becca

Starting a spiritual journey can be daunting.

Where do you start? What tools do you need?

How do you find a routine that resonates with your soul?

My Soul Care Shop is here to help answer these questions.