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Bloodstone Crystal in a Gold Square Shaped Cage Necklace

Bloodstone Crystal in a Gold Square Shaped Cage Necklace

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In addition to the long held belief in its exceptional wound healing properties, the bloodstone crystal is an essential healing tool for returning your being to its natural state of joy and vitality.

Bloodstone assists in boosting the innate power inside you by quieting a preoccupied mind and refocusing your energy on the repair and renewal of wounds you've collected over the years. It can also be used for circulation of all energy in the body, help to remove energy blocks and used in the alignment of all energetic centers of the body.

This crystal comes with a gold square shaped metal cage. Metal can amplify the benefits of this crystal (or any crystal of your choice) and turn it into lovely wearable jewelery.

Make this ethically sourced and hand selected bloodstone an essential part of your healing crystal first aid kit and carry it with you everywhere you go!

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