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The Love Soul Kit

The Love Soul Kit

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The Love tool-kit contains items to help draw loving energy into your life and to help you (re)connect to the flow of universal love.

Each box includes insightful guidance and suggestions on how to use the various tools, as well as a theme related affirmation and journaling prompts.

Tool-Kit Includes:

1- Madame Phoenix Love is the Law Magic Bundle;

1- Floré Canadian Incense Sandal-Rose Blend Package;

1- Star School Esoteric Numerology Herbal Tea #2 (Heart Opening) Package;

1- Blue Moon Sisters Custom Stainless Steel Hand-Stamped LOVE Bracelet;

1- Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz Crystal;

1- Themed Newsletter with Affirmations and Journaling Prompts

**Note that items are sourced by local women or family owned business, may be subject to change without prior notice or may vary from the image shown

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