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Star School Esoteric Numerology Herbal Tea #1 (Stability) Package

Star School Esoteric Numerology Herbal Tea #1 (Stability) Package

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Star School's herbal tea #1 (stability) assists you in (re)connecting to your qualities of courage and self-reliance in order to move forward on your journey.

With its orange colour and tangy citrus flavours, this herbal tea oozes confidence from dry to steeped form. Make yourself a nice cup of stability tea, and sip by sip, (re)connect with your self-reliance, confidence and courage.

Aimed to support, balance and ground you on your journey, these teas are blended with love and blessings, are also 100% caffeine free and made with 100% non-GMO natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Camomile Petals, Rooibos, Anise, Linden Petals, Lemon Balm Leaves, Cinnamon, Lemon Verbena Leaves, Orange Pieces, Passion Flower Petals, Love and Blessings

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