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Star School Esoteric Numerology Herbal Tea #2 (Heart-Opening) Package

Star School Esoteric Numerology Herbal Tea #2 (Heart-Opening) Package

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Star School's herbal tea #2 (heart-opening) assists in expressing your love by helping you relate to things deeply. Remember the human heart contains love, wisdom and harmony!

While it is a beautiful blend of various flavours, when you open the bag you can't help but notice its lovely chocolatey smell. The red colour of this herbal tea follows from dry to steeped form. Make yourself a nice cup of heart-opening tea and, sip by sip, (re)connect with the love within you.

Aimed to support, balance and ground you on your journey, these teas are blended with love and blessings, are also 100% caffeine free and made with 100% non-GMO natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Rooibos, Cocoa Bean Pieces, Calendula Petals, Rosemary, Peppermint, Organic Compliant Natural Flavors (No Artificial Flavors )*, Love and Blessings

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