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The (re)Connection Soul Kit

The (re)Connection Soul Kit

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The (re)Connection tool-kit of "essentials" for your (re)connection journey contains items to help protect + ground you, and cleanse your aura. It also includes a handcrafted journal to record observations, insights, set intentions, answer journaling prompts or simply to replace a full one!

Each box includes insightful guidance and suggestions on how to use the various tools, as well as a theme related affirmation and journaling prompts.

Tool-Kit Includes:

1 - Catalina Sanchez custom design hand-crafted Soul Notes journal;

1 - Floré Canadian Incense Protection Blend Package;

1 - Madame Phoenix’s handmade Aura Cleansing Spell Soap

1 - Star School Esoteric Numerology Herbal Tea # 5 (Mind Clearing) Package

1 - Selenite Crystal Charging Station

1 - Themed Newsletter with Affirmations and Journaling Prompts

**Note that items are sourced by local women or family owned business, may be subject to change without prior notice or may vary from the image shown

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